Sugari Fishing Village, Japan


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The main purpose of this visit to Sugari is to give an information on how the village is seen from the eye of foreign. The deliverable is to provide a report about the first impression on how Sugari village is seen from a foreigner’s perspectives.

Aside from this, it is also a task to see wether there are any issues or expectations that maybe suggested as a foreigner visiting village.

To give ideal idea that may improve the life of the people of Sugari.

Sugari will need help from outsider to help sustained their life one day due to the ageing society and lack of regeneration. The solution to invite workers from outside to work for the established fishery industry becomes inevitable one day. Should these foreign workers arrived, they will need to be educated to serve the people and their fishery industry properly such as fishing without destroying the marine life and also about proper local mannerism in order to live in harmny with the people of Sugari.

Being aware of these issues, the people of Sugari needs a COMMUNITY CENTRE.

A Community centre in Sugari should not only be an educational place for foreign workers but also be a place where the local community can reconnect and also place where foreigners or travellers can get information & connect with local people of Sugari.

In Sugari there are empty lands or spaces that are commonly used for parking spaces. The idea is to plant where there are empty lands, wether it is a garden abondoned homes or parking lots. We suggest guerilla planting.


There is always a need of open space where people can go for a walk to relax or a special place to celebration. A place where one can contemplate and self reflect, a meditational space to breath away from daily routine to heal the soul or simply to celebrate life.

A place that offer drinks and snacks or light meal selling the local produce such as Sugari’s seasonal fish. A place where these seasonal fish or catch of the day can be served creatively on demand.